Warren Township, Ohio

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Address: 3765 W. Market St. Leavittburg, OH 44430

Trustee Phone: (330) 898-2101

Zoning Phone: (330) 898-0124

Administration Fax: (330) 898-2573

The Trustees welcome you to Warren Township. The Trustees always welcome your input, suggestions, and concerns. Together, we can make Warren Township a nice place to live & work. 

Edward D. Anthony


Biography coming soon.

Kay J. Anderson


Biography coming soon.

Ryan A. Yoho


Biography coming soon.

Cheryl Zaben

Fiscal Officer

Biography coming soon.

Norman Ashley

Zoning Inspector

Biography coming soon.

Police Department

Address: 3765 W. Market St. Leavittburg, OH 44430

Phone: (330) 898-5588

Fax: (330) 898-4497

The police department is staffed 24/7 and provides protection, crime prevention, traffic regulation, enforcement of law, and education to the township. The police department is stationed at the administration building.

Benjamin T. Harrell

Chief of Police

Biography coming soon.

Fire Department

Address: 4750 W. Market St. Leavittburg, OH 44430

Phone: (330) 898-2041

Fax: (330) 898-8354

The fire department is staffed 24/7 and provides fire suppression, Emergency Medical Service and Transport, Rescue, Hazmat Mitigation, Training, Prevention & Education. The fire department has 3 stations throughout the township. To learn more, click below

Joseph Natali

Fire Chief

Joseph M. Natali is a 1993 graduate from LaBrae High School in Leavittsburg, OH. Joe followed the footsteps of his father and joined the fire service in 1993 with Braceville Township Fire Department as a volunteer. At Braceville Fire, Joe received his volunteer firefighter and EMT-Basic certification. Joe was promoted to Lieutenant at Braceville Fire in 2001. Due to his wife Rachel, moving for a job opportunity, Joe transferred to Berlin Township Fire Department in Michigan in 2007. Joe and his wife moved back to Leavittsburg in 2009 and Joe joined Warren Township Fire Department as a volunteer. He was hired with Warren Township Fire Department as a part time employee in 2015. With Warren Township Fire Department, Joe obtained his Firefighter Level 1 and then Firefighter Level 2 certification, Fire Safety Inspector, and Hazmat Technician Certification. At Warren Township Fire Department, Joe held positions of Deputy Fire Chief and Treasurer. Joe & Rachel have been married since 1998 and together have 3 kids and 2 cats. In his spare time, Joe enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, and riding his motorcycle. Joe's vision for Warren Township Fire Department is to expand on the traditions of the department and improve safety, response, equipment, and training to help provide better service to our community members and visitors.

Road Department

Address: 3765 W. Market St. Leavittburg, OH 44430

Phone: (330) 898-6188

The road department maintains and repairs all township roads in Warren township. The road department also maintains the township cemetery. The road department also provides a yearly trash removal. 

Joseph Toporcer

Road Superintendent/Cemetery Sexton

Biography coming soon.

J. V. Johnson Community Center & Park

Address: 800 Gillmer Rd. Leavittburg, OH 44430

Phone: (330) 898-6891

The J. V. Johnson Community Center & Park is an open to the public building provided and maintained by the township. The community center has a kitchen, stage, and large banquet hall with chairs and tables for any event. The park, located right behind the community center, has a playground, walking trails, and baseball/softball fields.

Marcia Armstrong


Biography coming soon.
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